Month: March 2019


Consolidation Loans

Our list of consolidation loans presents only currently available loans – all data are updated and updated on a regular basis. The current offer of consolidation loans in one place is a good opportunity to make a comparison of consolidation loans, taking into account all relevant parameters: interest, interest rate, costs, minimum and maximum loan […]


Loan without residual debt insurance

Consumers have a good time looking for a loan today. Not only branch banks offer loans, but also the numerous online banks. Meanwhile, it has become clear that the offerings differ significantly. Sometimes the banks require the completion of a residual debt insurance. Without this there is no loan approval. However, those who study the offers carefully will also find […]


Borrow money, but from whom only?

Whether it’s a broken refrigerator or an urgent car repair – larger expenses usually come in the financially unfavorable moments. Consumers who do not have sufficient reserves inevitably face the question of who they can borrow the much-needed money from. Many come first the well-heeled relatives, better-earning or the house bank in mind. Depending on […]

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