Best payday loan consolidation -Find how to consolidate payday loans

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Best payday loan consolidation -Find how to consolidate payday loans

To cope with the many needs of everyday life it can happen to everyone to subscribe to more than one loan. Maybe for the purchase of a car or for home renovation, but also to organize a wedding or support a child in the studios. In the long run, however, all this could be a problem, when so many different exits must be faced with almost unchanged revenue.
Fortunately, there is a  solution to lighten the financial burden and group all the loans in progress into a single monthly installment, more sustainable and more convenient to repay. We are talking about Debt Consolidation: let’s see what it is!

Find how to consolidate payday loans

Payday loan consolidation from Dedebt is a financial solution that allows you to group all the payday loans in progress and pay a single installment, significantly reducing the monthly economic load.

Specifically, it is a matter of extinguishing the loans in progress in favor of a new single installment loan. The new monthly installment may be modulated so as to be undoubtedly lighter than the total installments currently in progress (acting on the duration of the new loan and possibly benefiting from more favorable market conditions).

As you can easily imagine, this is a solution that allows you to manage incoming money more easily and to look to the future with serenity, being able to meet your commitments more lightly and without the nightmare of deadlines.

But who has the possibility to take advantage of Debt Consolidation?

Debt Consolidation: who can request it

Debt Consolidation can be requested in various ways.

  • By choosing the mortgage formula you need to have an asset on which to make the mortgage.
  • Choosing the Fifth Assignment does not require property as a guarantee, but an income from employment or retirement is required.

Debt Consolidation with Cession of the Fifth: advantages

Debt Consolidation with Cession of the Fifth: advantages

The Cession of the Fifth, reserved for employees and retirees, is a form of loan particularly suited to Debt Consolidation thanks to its unique characteristics:

  • Sustainability: the monthly installment never exceeds 20% of net salary or net pension, in order to always guarantee the right balance between income and expenses
  • Practicality: the installment is held directly on the payroll or pension, for a comfortable and care-free return
  • Flexibility: it is possible to pay in installments from 24 to 120 months. Furthermore, if the needs change over time, it is possible to renegotiate the loan to lower the installment and obtain additional liquidity
  • Protection: life and employment insurance is always included, to better protect the applicant and his family
  • Convenience: the USPA Convention and the Social Security Convention are active for state employees and pensioners, thanks to which it is possible to obtain the Fifth Assignment at advantageous conditions, the result of direct agreements between the banks and the reference administrations.

In addition, the Cession of the Fifth can be requested even in the presence of other loans or in the case of previous payment delays.

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