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Manser Finance provides social loans through its own internet platform. With their help, we can both borrow money online, as well as invest it at a high percentage.

Although this company has been operating on the Polish market for several years, I have not yet had the opportunity to present it to my readers. Manser Finance is a company specializing in providing social loans. Therefore, it associates both those who want to invest their money, as well as people who plan to borrow money.

Manser Finance is a company originating from Finland, but operating in almost all of Europe. The company provides its own platform for social and crowdfunding loans, by means of which both natural persons and companies can reach for additional financial resources. The whole process is possible without the participation of the bank, because private investors are the strength of the platform. The main priority of the company is to change the traditional model of bank financing, to directly borrow funds between individuals and companies.

Manser Finance for borrowers

Manser Finance for borrowers

If you are interested in borrowing money through Fellowe Finance, I will try to briefly present their financing proposal. You can borrow from 1000 to 12,000 PLN. However, the repayment period may be from 4 to 24 monthly installments. We will know the approximate cost of the loan before applying for a loan. The final cost depends however on the individual assessment of creditworthiness.

A person interested in obtaining a loan via Manser Finance should be at least 20 years old and check in in Poland. In addition, to obtain a loan it will be necessary to have a bank account with online access, established in one of the Polish banks. Verification of the bank account is carried out through the Kontomatik service, which I have written about in my blog. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to present any additional documents to obtain a loan, with the exception of the ID card.

Social loans granted by Manser Finance can be used for any purpose. Both natural persons as well as persons conducting business activity may apply for them. Therefore, we can allocate them both for renovation of the flat, paying back overdue bills, as well as pay for payday debts.

Manser Finance for investors

Manser Finance for investors

This is a proposal for people who would like to invest their money on the Manser Finance platform. By creating a free account on the platform, we have the option of investing our own money in loans. Social loans allow the investor to obtain high interest profits, which can be up to 10% per annum. Of course, when deciding on such an investment, we must be aware of the potential investment risk. With such a high profit rate, there is always a potential risk of losing the invested funds. However, as Fellowe Finance informs on its website – “The amount of potential loss on investment in social loans for Finnish and Polish consumers is limited due to the possibility of assignment of receivables due to unpaid loan to a debt collection company.”

Investment in Manser Finance loans is definitely an option worth considering, especially for people looking for a higher rate of return than savings accounts or term deposits. Both individuals and companies can invest in them. As an investor, we also have the option of freely deciding who and how much money we will borrow. Detailed information on investing in Manser Finance loans can be found on the pages of their website in the Faq tab.

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