Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Mary of Boulder vandalized, disfigured by pro-abortion graffiti


DENVER | A Catholic Church in Boulder County was disfigured this week by numerous acts of vandalism, including pro-abortion graffiti such as “Jesus [loves] abortion, ”as places of worship in Colorado and the country continue to see an upsurge in attacks.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is investigating damage at around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday by vandals who smashed windows, threw eggs, stomped on crosses, slashed tires and painted abortion-related messages on the property of the Catholic Church Sacred Heart of Mary.

Youth director Mark Evevard said the church had been targeted before, but “never to this point.”

“We had so many people come out and said, ‘It was wrong,’” Mr. Evevard told the Washington Times. “I had a woman who said to me, ‘I’m pro-choice, but that’s not how you express your point of view.’ “

The spray-painted red, black and white messages on the building include the anarchist “A; “” No hangers ever; “” Prohibits our bodies; “” Jesus [loves] Abortion; “” Your church is dying LOL; “” My body, my choice; “and” No gods, no master. “

The sandstone sign in front of the church, founded in 1873, was defaced with the message “Hands off my womb”, while the white parish work truck was smeared with red graffiti and its tires were punctured.

Several of the thousands of small white crosses symbolizing abortions on the ground next to the church have been knocked down and broken, as photos posted by Mr. Evevard on his Facebook page show. He said authorities believed the nighttime attack was carried out by a group of five to seven people and that around half a dozen figures were captured by church surveillance cameras.

He added that the damage could have been worse: the pastor, who lives next door, heard noises that night and turned on his light, which may have frightened the perpetrators.

The attack comes shortly after another Boulder County church, St. Louis Catholic Church in Louisville, was vandalized on September 5 with similar pro-abortion graffiti.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has chronic at least 97 incidents of destruction in 29 states since May 2020, including “arson, beheaded statues, severed, broken and painted limbs, gravestones disfigured by swastikas and anti-Catholic language.”

Mark Haas, spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Denver, said parish properties have been affected by more than two dozen attacks in the past 18 months.

“As of February 2020, the Archdiocese of Denver has been aware of at least 25 parishes or places of ministry that have been the target of vandalism, destruction of property or theft,” Haas said in a statement. declaration on Denver7 News. “This includes broken windows, damaged and disfigured statues, graffiti, damage to vehicles, burglaries, stolen religious objects and someone setting fire to trees outside a parish. Some of the incidents clearly targeted the Catholic Church, but not all. “

Mr. Evevard agreed, saying “it could be an attack on the church, especially since it happens to other churches.”

He asked his followers on Facebook to “put the culprits at the top of your prayer list and pray for their conversion!” “

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