Charlie Crist launches new ad about personal faith in light of migrant flight

As the latest actions of the governor Ron DeSantis‘ administration towards immigrants leads to talks in churches on how we treat those in need and how faith should influence that behavior, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate charlie christ published a new ad in which he discusses his personal faith.

The ad opens with Crist speaking in an office directly to the camera.

“My faith teaches me that we are all children of God,” says Crist. “He who oppresses a poor person insults his maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him. It’s lost on Ron DeSantis.

The video cuts to a short slow-motion clip of DeSantis speaking before a quick cut to a TV news segment in which part of the lower third reads: ‘Migrants used in political stunts before midterm “. The next shot included an MSNBC report showing a plane at the Massachusetts airport and a lower third that residents of Martha’s Vineyard were providing food, shelter and medical attention to migrants figuratively left outside their doors.

Crist continues with the voiceover: “For him, it’s always putting politics above people’s lives. Lying to migrant children to lure them on a plane to God knows where.

Crist ends the sentence by again speaking directly to the camera, before the ad cuts to other MSNBC segments in which the speakers mention: “Women, children are used as political props”, followed by “…deliberately taken by surprise in a chaotic situation, with no one to look after them.

The announcement, which lasts a surprisingly long full minute, returns to Crist at the 28th second.

“Making fun of their fight for freedom makes me sick,” Crist says. “But not surprising, because that’s who he is.”

The ad moves to South Florida chuck toddwho makes an appearance in his role as host of Meet the Press as he relates to the audience, over footage of DeSantis, “These recent stunts – they were never about serious solutions. What they are, it’s an attempt to get national attention.

Crist connects the latest hubbub to a perceived universal theory of DeSantis politics.

“He’s doing it to distract from his extreme agenda,” Crist says, over desaturated color video of DeSantis, “telling women they can’t make decisions about their own bodies, banning abortion even in cases of rape or incest”.

The ad hits the home stretch with positive visuals of Crist meeting voters across the state.

“We must unite to defeat him,” Crist said. “To build a state we can all be proud of. A Florida that works for everyone.

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