Communion for two in Lahinch!


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North Clare twins are the only ones going to sacrament school

The TWIN boys from North Clare will make their First Communion together on Saturday in a ceremony where they will be the only two candidates to receive the sacrament.
Nine-year-old Cian and Donnchadh Vaughan were the only two second-class students last year at Furglan National School near Lahinch.
When the pandemic delayed ceremonies, the boys, like hundreds of thousands of other children across the country, had to wait a long time for the milestone.
“They were really on hot coals for the summer,” said mom Patricia, principal of the school.
“The delay was really for the best because now we can have all the extended family and friends and we can mark the day.
“Their older brother Joshua, who is 17, will be there and daddy, Frank, along with the aunts and uncles.
“We are very lucky to have three of the four grandparents with us and Frank and I have large families. There are eight in mine and seven in Frank’s.
“At school, we only have 13 students in the school and so everyone can get involved in the preparation and the ceremony, because we can easily distance ourselves socially.”
The first confession took place earlier this week when Father Willie Cummins visited the school and everyone got involved in the preparations.
Teacher Monica Villeen prepared the boys for the sacrament while SNA Mary Lou Moylan organized all the art and decoration. Ava Murphy, who started college this week, will play the organ.
Patricia described the boys as “very excited” about the big day, especially the prospect of wearing their new costumes. She said the bond between the twins is very special.
“During the blockades we really realized how special it is to be a twin,” said Patricia.
“They didn’t need dates or sleepovers. Each of them has their permanent best friend by their side. The pandemic has really highlighted the luck of the twins. “
On Saturday at Clouna church, Cian and Donnchadh will each have three jobs during the ceremony.
“They will each be doing readings and prayers and bringing the gifts, so they will be busy,” said Patricia.
Communion is a particularly special event for the school and the community at large.
“We did not celebrate the sacraments last year and this school year we will have five,” added Patricia.
“There will be two more for Communion next year and one student for Confirmation.
“It reflects the fact that things are opening up and that it will be a great community opportunity,” she concluded.

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