How the Catholic Church in Canada Escaped Payments to Residential School Survivors


How the <a class="wpil_keyword_link " href="/category/catholic-church/" title="Catholic Church" data-wpil-keyword-link="linked">Catholic Church</a> in Canada Escaped Payments to Residential School Survivors

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File photo dated November 15, 2020 of Catholic believers gathered in front of Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux, France. Photo by Thibaud Moritz / ABACAPRESS.COM

In today’s podcast The Big Story, the Canadian government believed it was an agreement on a minor part of the settlement the church owed to residential schools. The church was successful in convincing a court that the government had agreed to forgo the entire remaining amount – potentially more than $ 20 million. How did a legal loophole allow the church to avoid payment, and … one has to wonder: why didn’t the Catholic Church just pay what it owed in reparation for? the role she played in the horrors of residential schools?

GUEST: Tom Cardoso, Globe and Mail Investigative Team

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